Betis Academy on Tour
- the accelerated opportunity with TFA

Showcasing the talents to the world, thousands of players will participate in this competition that aims to help talented athletes realize their maximum potential.

A serious space for committed players who have dedicated focus and time to the game and wish to showcase their talent in front of some of the world’s most accomplished scouts and coaches. The ‘Betis Academy on Tour’ program will work with top coaches on their journey to the professional ranks. They will get the opportunity to play with the best players in the area in order to compete at the highest levels of youth soccer. The program will also serve as an opportunity for players to compete and achieve their dreams.

Designed to give exceptional players the opportunity to be seen and scouted during training and matches by multiple soccer clubs and scouts. The top 18 players will visit the Betis Academy in Spain and lucky ones might secure a genuine opportunity to secure a professional contract. An accelerated opportunity to give players a chance to explore their future in the sport as a professional.

TFA’s approach to football is educational and we go beyond playing a game by offering personal guidance to each player to strengthen them as a player and a person. Football is a physically demanding game that provides an opportunity for players to improve their speed, agility, strength, hand-eye coordination, and overall cardiovascular endurance.


Because of the sheer number of teammates in football, the friendships between players are unlike those in any other sport. Many kids develop an unbreakable bond with each other as they compete with each other to achieve one common goal. Camaraderie is a lifelong benefit for children since they will quickly appreciate the importance of developing close relationships with each other. This close-knit team spirit also teaches life lessons on working together and sharing responsibilities.

Work Ethic

For every goal that is celebrated by the crowd, there are months of hard work and practice. Football teaches the work ethic where every small effort materializes into a successful career. Getting perfect by practice is significant learning that makes a great athlete and a vital asset they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. Football is truly a team sport, with 22 players everyone is playing a crucial role and the accountability that comes with it becomes part of their personality.

Physical Toughness

Football is one of the most physical sports, with the right coach the risk of injury can be reduced. The correct guidance on tact and strategy ensures that the energy required to be a football player is correctly channelized. While bumps and bruises are nearly inevitable, a football player learns the importance of nutrition and physical strength. The balance of physically demanding practices and managing one’s diet and exercise to stay strong and healthy is a lesson that pays off in the field and life.

Mental Toughness

In addition to physical toughness, it takes a strong mind to play the game of football. Whether it’s battling through a minor injury or overcoming adversity after a turnover or a mistake, children often develop mental toughness they may never have discovered otherwise. This teamwork helps children to become accustomed to working with others, a skill that is required in almost every profession.


In a game of inches, football requires that every player on the field pay attention to every detail. The outcome of any given play can be negatively impacted by one wrong step, one dropped pass, or one mental error. Football players learn the value of being disciplined in everything they do.

Every coach hopes to see players achieve their potential by elevating their talent and motivating them, but the absence of a path means that a lot of talented athletes drop out of the game. With ‘Real Betis on Tour’, we hope to pave the journey of the best soccer players so that they can follow their dreams of playing the game at a professional level. Our goals are to simply identify top talent, provide them with the best guidance and 1-on-1 training, and then realize their dream, of being given a genuine opportunity at the pro game.

Ali El Jishi, Head Coach at TFA



UMF Afturelding, Iceland

6, 7 & 8 June 2022


District 9 - Orchid St - Jumeirah Village - Jumeirah Village Triangle - Dubai

9, 10 & 11 Sep 2022


Aboitiz Football Pitch, Lipa Batangas,

25, 26 & 27 Aug 2022