We provide the pathway for student-athletes to play university soccer in USA, Canada and UK


“The pathway helped me continue my football journey which I was determined to continue. Continuing my education while playing the sport I love would not have been able to be done without the guidance of the right people . Having gone to America has been a pleasure so far making life long connections and excelling at the game.”

Yuveer Keller
West Virginia Wesleyan

“Pathway was a great service that provided a platform to connect with coaches across the different divisions of college soccer. This is arguably the most important part of the recruiting process.”

Haziq Zed
Bellarmine University



We are a group of UEFA certified coaches with extensive experience and networks with universities throughout the U.S., U.K., and Canada. We work in collaboration with academic counselors who know the in’s and outs of university admissions, enabling us to guide and place soccer players of all levels in suitable programs.

We do things differently. Rather than sending out mass emails to hundreds of schools like the vast majority of other sports recruiters out there, or leave it in the hands of the families to attempt to navigate the daunting and confusing process, we customize the search based on the specific qualities, attributes and academic qualifications of the student-athlete, and ultimately hone in on the perfit fit.

Since 2016, our reputation and well established relationships with university coaches allows us to get you noticed and ultimately recruited to a university soccer team.


Our certified UEFA coaches will either watch you in person or highlight video to evaluate your skill level as a footballer.

Create student-athlete profile, including CV and highlight video.

Target universities based on academic performance, SAT scores, GPA, Athletic skill level, major of study, athletic vs academic balance, and financial needs

Get your profile and highlights in front of university soccer coaches and connect athletes with best-fit universities based on athletic ability, academic strength, college characteristics and student preferences.

Prepare and guide the athlete through the coach communication and broker any potential scholarship.

Keep the players and parents informed and updated during the recruiting process.

Placement onto university soccer team.

Video Footage

While a highlight video is not a substitute for seeing a player in person, this is what we must rely on as we are thousands of miles away. Therefore, there are some general guidelines to follow when making a quality video.

  • Camera angle and zoom- Try not to be too close or too far from the game. It best to find a happy medium so that the coach can clearly see the player but also see how the game plays out. It helps to find an area of elevation.
  • What to put on a highlight video:
    • 1. A very brief introduction including your name, jersey number, position, graduating year.
    • 2. Action play- include about 5 seconds of play prior to the clip of yourself.
    • 3. A means for the coach to identify the player, such as a circle or arrow during the action clips.
    • 4. Length- between 5-7 minutes.
    • 5. Do not add music- coaches get annoyed by this.
    • 6. Perhaps most importantly, since coaches may not watch the entire video, put your best clips upfront!